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hoist installation 5 - Dec 5, 2005

Now all that is needed is to add the hoses, fill the fluid reservoir w/ 3 1/2gallons of Dexron tranny fluid and hook up the electricity. Photos 2 and 3 show the short hose from the pump to the cylinder, a tee at that cylinder that feeds a hose going to the cylinder at the far side of the hoist. The directions were pretty bad here too. We had to figure out how to route the hoses and fittings but it is pretty easy to do.

The only other little problem I had was hooking up the ground to the motor. The screw they provide is way back-corner of the box on the motor box and at an angle that prevents a screwdriver from reaching it. I took the motor box off with 4 screws and attached a bare wire to the screw that I could attach to the lead from my electric panel with a wire nut.

All in all, it was a one day task and pretty easy at that.

Oh and I am going to put heavy duty brackets from the top of my hoist to rafters on the ceiling. I just don't like the idea of a 4000# car balanced over my head on the strength of a dozen 1/2" anchor bolts!
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