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Just some more work done - Dec 29, 2005

Well, I got some more work done on the box, I put several more layers of fiberglass on it, then sanded, then slapped some bondo on it to smooth it out even more, then sanded again. This is when I cut the top out for the subwoofer to fit.
I finallly got the woofer, only to find out my measurements were off, so the woofer doesn't fit to well into the ring. Not that big of a deal since I can make it work with some grinding with a dremel and a jigsaw.
I also finished putting in a new door lock on the driver's side, and since Im gonna put some new speakers in the doors, I went ahead and put some dynamat on there to keep vibrations down. A cool thing about this stuff, that when you put it on a door panel, it makes it shut more solid. Kinda like a new car door would shut kinda sound, instead of a louder sound that older cars would make when you shut the door.
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