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Late Twenties Sedan Inspired Scratch Built Big Block Hot Rod - Dec 27, 2011

Hello everyone. My name is Rob, and I am currently a junior year mechanical engineering student at UCF in Orlando. I am building this rod with my dad in my spare time, and will be cataloging the build here. I am 35 years old (starting a second career) and my dad John is 61. He is a retired engineer and hot rodder from way back, and he has built 6 or 7 rods over the years, a big super comp altered, and many of the dirt track and shifterkarts we used to race. He also has a machine shop at his house where we are doing the build. lucky me :)

On to the project... the basic idea is inspired by some of the low slung chopped 28 and 29 rat rods, but since we have a racing back ground, and an interest in building something that handles and performs reliably, and isn't a death trap, it won't actually be a "rat" rod, although it will carry some styling cues from that genre as you will see. The frame is 2x4 3/16 wall A500 steel, and I have a late 90's 3.27 posi mustang rear end that I will be using. I am mimicing mustang triangulated suspension geometry, but will be making my own radius bars and using beefy rod ends. I am using QA1 adjustable coil overs as well.

For power I have an old LS-5 454 out of a chevelle that we are bumping up to 9.5:1. That will also be getting a hydraulic roller cam (.515 or so lift) and RPM Airgap intake with an 850 holley. The tranny (only driveline component I don't have yet) is going to be a Super T10 4 speed. I'm using a 4 inch drop 2" tube axle in the front.

I am going to construct a body skeleton using similar techniques to those described in the scratch built hot rod book on this site, but I am going to use 2x2 1/8 inch wall square tubing and a beefy design, in order to kinda have the body also be a roll cage of sorts, as you can see in the scale concept drawings below. I will be posting more pics as we go.
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