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Leaded the Trunk Lid - Jul 27, 2013

Weather and home improvement projects. It's been two weeks since I worked on the car and the next two weekends are tied up as well.

I finished the gaps at the bottom on each side. After the sides of the pan were squared up, the gaps were a little tight in the bottom couple of inches. So, grind weld grind.

Once the gaps were done, on to the leading. The lower left corner had a light crease in it I could not get to go away. There was a small dent to the right of the license plate which could not be reached from the back side. The trunk lock hole filler and the area around the frenching box needed a little filler as well.

At the end of the day, I did not get to the front fenders or the right lower cowl. Once they are done, the lead work will be done.

The trunk lid will still require a filling primer to work out some of the imperfections. I did not want to make up all the ''dips'' with ''plastic'' for fear slamming the trunk lid would pop out a chunk.
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