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Lil Dodge - Jan 10, 2012

This is 1978 '79 I was working for "Antique Motor Car" in Plymouth mich. Before I opened my own shop in '85. My neighbor and I were putting this lil Dodge together in the garage with any thing we could find !! It was true old school! ran a 283ci 283 hp short block(freshened up), 327 injection heads (off an injected vette at the junk yard), Stock dual 4 intake hoged out from 180 to open plenum couple of hoged out carb spacers & 2 4 barrels & velosity stacks both chocked ! Man this thing screamed!!! Notice the push bar nurf bars! I never was able to see this car run (I was diagnosed with cancer) Nov 12 1979 but I did see polaroids the club (Taylor area street rods) brought to the hospital!!! It was turned into a street rod in later years. You might be able to see my 38 Plymouth hump back in the garage.
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