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Looking for the center of the wheelwell - Sep 13, 2007

I put the 1/2 done fender back on to see where the wheel needed to be in relation to the wheel-well so it would be centered. Then I took some measurements from the body mount holes to the center of the hub and hopefully I can use these measurements to establish where I need to make the mounts for the Corvette rear suspension. The body is just sitting on some 6x6 blocks so it will not be this low, at least I hope not. I will not be able to finish the fender until I get the body back on the frame. I may need to widen the fender and don't need to redo a lot of plastic filler work. I'll be lucky to get it close to right once..let alone twice.
Maybe tomorrow I will make a trip to a metal shop and get some square tubing and start laying out the frame for the suspension.
I did a little more shopping at Harbor Freight today..chain hoists to lift the body, welding wire, new impact wrench and a cutoff saw with some extra blades.
Not sure if I'll ever get the car done, but am gathering a lot of tools.
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