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More "little" stuff - Dec 31, 2005

While the body shop still has the car I've put the "down time" to good use. The chrome was sent out to be replated (as a bottom of the line car thank goodness there was not a lot that had to go).

I also built a custom guage cluster go in the dash, and repaired and painted the steering wheel.

One of the things little projects I had wanted to get done was adding a front sway bar due to the extra weight the Hemi would have. A quick check in the aftermarket didn't have any positive results. Sway bars on the 50's MOPARS were extremely rare but I hoped something from the 60's might be made to work.

As luck would have it I came across a 1957 Chrysler Imperial with a factory 7/8" sway bar (the biggest bar Chrysler produced during that era) that's a bolt on!!!!
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