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More Neat Stuff! - Oct 3, 2010

I had to include my favorite shot of my coupe once again - it just screams GASSER! I was also one of the very few people who owned a rod with 6-twos... I remember flying on a plane to Orlando, Florida WITH my Edelbrock 6-two manifold in a carry-on bag that I brought ON THE PLANE... I was too worried about it getting damaged underneith in cargo... Was I seriously nuts or what... I brought the manifold to Charlie Price of Vintage Speed who was set up in a booth at the GoodGuys Orlando spot a number of years ago and he gave me a running setup within a month or two. The center two barrels (all Holley 94's) were my actual running carbs that were synced together. The outside 4 carbs were dummies. The clear red fuel lines were run to each carb, but the dummies had been blocked off completely before fuel entered the bowls. Super Trick and quite effective! Everyone knows that these setups were for drag race only, knowing that you would flood the engine with too much fuel if they ran all together. Wide open throttle is the only way for this setup to be effective at the drags. The pink pic is a clip from an actual flyer for a Super Chevy Show at Moroso dragstrip (my coupe is on the flyer), which has been changed to Palm Beach International Raceway, the original name at the track's birth. The time slip was the first and only time I ever drag raced my rod - with a seriously disappointing time of 16.62 - 78 mph at Moroso. Your grandmother's AMC Pacer might have done better than me! It will be a huge improvement once I get my monster Supercharged 392 Chrysler Hemi between the rails and have at it again!!!!
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