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My Last Hot Rod - Jan 18, 2012

I got to Epoxy the rest of the parts needed for the rear window frame. Now I wait for it to dry before I can dry fit the thing.. I will cheat and get a piece of plexi glass cut to fit for now and use that for a template when i get ready for the real rear window glass. This frame overlaps the inside of the tubing frame and it leaves about an quarter of an inch lip all the way around for the plexi glass to set against from the inside. Then I will fabricate another red wood or other (cause it is inside out of the elements) type of wood frame to sandwich the window in place. As you can see I am winging this project and I change as I go. You always find an easier and most of the time better ways to do a step. I am not locked into anything here. Anything can be changed or modified as far as I am concerned. That's the best part of Hot Rodding and building. I made fender skirts for my 1948 Ford Coupe out of plywood and I used house hold Barrel Bolts door latches to hold them on the car with coat hanger wire clips to stop the latches from opening on bump etc. A bunch of my friends said they looked okay but should be curved. So I experimented a little and found out I could use Body Filler on the whole surface it stuck to the wood better than it did metal. from there I made the appropriate curve on the Fender Skirts. They went with the Car when the new owner bought the Coupe. Any way enough preaching here I have some photos of Epoxy drying in a sunny window...
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