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New Radiator! - May 13, 2011

The radiator showed up today. It's a new aluminum radiator that I bought off eBay. It cost me just under $180 shipped, and appears to be a decent quality radiator. Yes, it's made in China or something, but it was recommended to me by several others who have used the same brand for quite some time with no issues. And for that price, why not give it a shot. The brand is American Eagle radiators, but they are actually made by Champion Cooling. It actually fits nicely, with the exception that the bottom is wider than where it sits inside the radiator mount. It looks likes it's made to install without the stock radiator brace, so I'll pull the brace and see what happens. Worst case scenario I'll just cut one side out of the bottom of the brace so it will drop down in allowing the bolt holes to line up. As you can see in the pic, the width is perfect, and once I fix or remove the brace it will sit about an inch lower, which is just right.
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