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OSPHO is amazing - Nov 9, 2009

A user on these boards, Deadbodyman recommended this chemical called Ospho.
I could hear the enthusiasum in his voice when i was reading his PM's. I had to special order this stuff but MY GOD it works so well. It really made my life so much easier. It still look allot of elbow grease to get the rust out, but this saved time and frustration.

If you look back and ealier postings of mine, you can see how bad the surface rust was. In the last picture of this entry you can see that I already started bending new sheetmetal pieces to weld in. I am waiting on a patch panel for the quarter panel to come in before I spray any epoxy primer.

I will have to wire brush the metal and use some paint striper to clean everything one last time before primer, but I am very happy with the results and I am not worried about the side effects of using this chemical cleaner.
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