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Other Changes - Dec 31, 2005

One of the unexpected challenges was the height of the tri-power and air-cleaner. It was just too tall even after building a lowered air cleaner base. I really didn't want to cut the hood and use a scoop, but the only other option was to change intakes to something lower which I wanted to do even less.

I looked at a lot of hood scoops and nothing really looked like it "fit" the car, until I thought about using the hood scoop section off a 63 T Bird. A lot of carefull cutting and trimming was done and I am extremely happy with the end result.

One of the other visual changes I made was changing the front valance to one from a 58 Plymouth. The vertical bars used in the 57's just look out of place with all the horizontal lines in the grill and freshly added hood scoop.

And it's finally off to the body shop.
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