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Overflow tank.. cont. - Aug 19, 2006

Finally got the tank finished and got ready to put it in but had a little clearance trouble. Made it sliiightly wider than I would've liked it but I cut some rubber padding to slide underneath in order to help it clear the rounded part of the fender well better so it would be for the most part, level and more secure when tied down. It would also provide some shock absorbance whenever hitting a bump and would protect the bottom of the tank from getting scuffed or damaged. Just sucks that I went through the trouble of notching the bottom out to clear the sheet metal screw when I ended up having to raise the tank up a bit with the rubber so basically, that was unecessary to notch it out but oh well. Cut a hole out in the lid just big enough for the hose to slide into and leak tested it just one more time, no leaks so good to go. Drilled 4 holes for the zip ties to slide through to secure it on the bottom. Got the tank in place, did some manuevers here and there to get the zip ties through the holes with the little clearance I had and viola, got it in place and strapped down. Shook it to see how sturdy it was and it hardly budged at all. I don't have to worry about it now flying all over the place. The tank is tucked away nicely inside the fender well and out of view and it looks just dang cool whenever your eye does catch it. I love the see through look and I can check on the tank to see whenever I need to clean it out.
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