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Overflow Tank.. cont. - Aug 7, 2006

Well patience is definately a factor in this project since you have to let the jb weld fully cure before setting up the other sides of the tank. Took a bit of time but nearing completion. All that remains is the top with a small access hole for the tube to slide in. First picture shows the tank taped up before applying the high temperature silicone. It should be waterproof but this was an extra precaution to make sure this tank won't leak. Second shows the silicone cured and ready to go. Job got a bit messy since I overdid the silicone a bit and when I was pulling up the tape, didn't go so well. Problem was the high temp silicone didn't include the attachable tube to where it would be easier to distribute the silicone without having it glob out which is what happened here :sweat: Oh well, still came out decently enough and it's not like the tank is the center of attention on this car, it's going to be tucked away and mostly out of view. Last shot is the water proofing test to see if I might have any leaks, better to find them now before it's in place. No leaks so I'm happy :D Next comes the lid to top it off and then I'm doneee.
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