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Preparing to disassemble the chassis - Oct 6, 2010

I was lucky that my chassis is extremely solid, so taking her apart was a breeze, except loosening all those rusted, original 1931 bolts holding her together! Most of them had to be cut off with a torch as seen in the photo. The wood floor is shown with 2 metal areas: the trunk pan and the toolbox or accessory area underneith the seat. All remarkably intact but had to reproduce the trunk pan using the original as a template. There are no reproductions for the floor pieces, only the wood itself, which was made of oak and 5 inches thick in the center! I'm pretty sure that I was the only owner who took the body off the chassis... If you take notice, the shiny red small block in the back of my garage was from my '67 Nova SS that I finally sold without the engine - the new owner wanted a built 350 instead! No problem, the '67 283 is the obvious choice for a vintage hot rod, wouldn't you agree?
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