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Progress Report. Dec. 18, 2005 - Dec 18, 2005

It's been awhile, and I'm sorry to everyone who needs to know about my project, but that’s not many people, so whets it matter to you, eh?

Anyways, I'm still doing small body work here and there, Selling whatever of the old stuff that I can manage without for a while, buying some of the stuff that I want, and paying some bills.

The first pic will be of the 327 I bought from my dad's friend. It came out of his 34 Fo*d with only 7,800 miles on it. I'm in the process of rebuilding it. It's got aluminum Edelbrock Intake, and an Edelbrock 700 CFM 4 bbl manual choke Carburetor.

The next pic will be of my handy-work with a dremmel. I order to change a 65 into a 63, a conventional restorer would need to cough up $150 for new Mounting panels. But not me, no way. I found that just making the hole bigger, and measuring my cuts the shape of the 63 taillights, makes it a lot easier and cheaper than paying the money for the new panels, and a lot less of a pain in patois. You can also see a lack of trunk floor, that’s on my list of purchases too.

The last pic will be of the dash where initially the ashtray was. Well I don’t smoke, and no one will be aloud to smoke in my car, so an ashtray was not really needed in my car. Plus it made the dash look ugly. I plan on doing an in-depth entry on this, as I also plan on doing the same thing to the radio hole above it. The pic is of the dash at the mid-point, it looks a lot better sanded down and primed.

On my list:

Harwood 2 1/2 Inch Cowl Hood
Frame Mounts
Rear Quarter Panel Skins
4 Speed Saginaw Trans.
89 Cavalier Lower Console
Power Windows and regulator
Purple Hornies exhaust
63 front end parts (grille, bezels, headlights, signals)
Rear Bumper
Floor Foot panels
Trunk Floor
Respect from numerous people.


Air shocks
3" lowering blocks
327 Small block
Front Bucket seats
Vintiques Chrome reverse w/ smoothie hubs
Front Bumper
Main floor sections
Respect from my elders and friends
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