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Rear Fenders - Aug 13, 2006

After all the work with the patch panels, I was not looking forward to the steel fenders that needed reworking. I needed to fill the holes where the tail lights were and rust though at the running board side and bottom meeting surfaces. So ,I ran across a pair of fiber Glass ones at a show the week before and the guy lives a half hour away.So, I traded him for the fiber glass set. they had never been used. I did have to drill the holes to mount them to the body but that was nothing compared to the work of getting the steel ones ready for paint. Art a friend of mine that has a 31 coupe had a 32 grill shell that I used to mount and get the radiator set in it's proper place. I'm going to use a 32 grill shell on my car. I like the way they look and since I ordered and have put in place a 32 radiator this should work out just fine.
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