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Rhythm - Late 60's Inspired Sports Car - Sep 13, 2011

Side Flutes: 1"x2" aluminum stock was cut to the approximate lengths required. Short stubs were then welded onto the ends at right angles. These pieces were then clamped in the mill using a custom jig. Using a router bit, the excess material was trimmed away leaving a rough triangular shape.

Trim in various stages of completion. Final shaping of all the pieces were done with a rasp, followed by progressively finer files, sand paper and buffing machine.

I recall I had one of the final pieces sitting on the bench in front of me as a reference while I was hand shaping another. A buddy dropped by and got watching what I was doing. He picked up the completed piece and asked...where I bought the trim from. Taking a step back, I simply pointed to the piece clamped in the vice that was being worked on.....
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