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Safely remove rust from Chrome Wheels - Mar 1, 2009

I have told quite a few people about an easy way I have learned to safely remove rust. I have used this method for restoring my Utah license plate collection as well as removing rust from many other chrome or painted items. It is great for cleaning rust stains from Stainless Steel items also. I did some research and found the chemical reaction between Oxalic Acid and rust simply is no more rust. These are the wheels removed from my 1953 Suburban. They had been mounted on the Suburban since approximately 1968 and sitting in a pasture since late 1969. In early 2005 I removed the tires from my Suburban and left them out in the weather. I recently sold my 1948 Chevy 5 window pickup project and included these wheels with the truck. The following pictures are before my Oxalic Acid solution.
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