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September - Sep 29, 2009

2 months on and the new car blues are just about sorted out.

Problem 1, vibration in the drive train was found to be a badly put together propshaft and rear wheels out of balance. A retube and balance, this time by a company who didn't rip me off cured the prop woes. Simple wheel balance smoothed things out just about completely.

Problem 2, running too hot, atleast I thought it was. Personnely being used to U.K. deg c with gauges reading deg f, I became concerned with driving temps around the 190 mark. Having revised this it appears temps are about normal.
I still plan to fabricate and install a shroud but thats on the winter "to do" list.

Problem 3, Fuel surge. I have been experiencing engine cut out under cornering or excelleration when I ran the car on a third or less tank. I put this down to the lack of baffling in the tank so I expected to cure this after I fitted foam inserts. Summit sent me the desired item, I fitted, tested, cured. I also cleared a parcial blockage in the in line fuel filter and increased the fuel line pressure from 4psi to 6psi

Problem 4, incorrect gearing in the rear axle and chattering noise. New gears 3.50 instead of 4.56's still to be fitted so a full inspection of the rear end will be undertaken. Cooling should be improved too with the lower engine rpm.

Problem 5, well there isn't one really it's just that I now need to complete the car! which is really only
1-figure out the rear lighting I want to use
2-complete upholstery
3-one or two clearence problems to rectify
4-paint, polish and fit the chrome trims
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