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Small Block it! - Jun 9, 2008

Have been looking for an excuse to update my uggy truck to a small block. Because of the recent starting problems I’ve been having, I decided now was the time. On top of that my dad would really like to have my truck back in commission to haul for some summer home improvement projects, so its a somewhat functional swap too.

I’m selling the old engine, an inline 6 (its in the classifieds). It was really reliable until recently, I believe the coil to distributor wire wiggled one too many times and burnt up the distributor or just separated. A good deal on a small block convinced me just to make the swap. The new engine is a 305 from an ’84 Monte Carlo. Got it from a friend’s junkyard connection. He has had many good dealings in the past; its supposed to run great.

I have spent the day loosening various connections, and have only the exhaust and bellhousing bolts left (plus the hood.) Hope to have old engine out by tonight. New engine needs a few rudimentary things like a freeze plug, spark plugs, vacuum advanced distributor, etc. Plan on putting in at least the freeze plug before dropping in the engine. Also plan on dropping it very slowly…

Pictures show the truck with my quite swank running boards. I already removed the driver’s side board for clearance earlier today. The other one will come out sometime today. They’re aluminum, so they’ll be great scrap.

More on the red bed later…
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