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Sold my last project - Feb 4, 2009

Well, my last post told you how I was listing my Chevy II for sale. It sold in January, and this weekend, I delivered it to the new owner. A 2 hr drive south on a beautiful January Afternoon.

I'm more than confident in the new owners ability to finish the car, he had a few projects in his garage when I stopped by, one of which was a beautiful 66-67 Camaro. I cant wait to see some pictures when it's done.

The first picture shows the car sitting at my house on the rental trailer. It was a bit of job getting it loaded, but 4 men and my mom steering helped "convince" it on the trailer.

Second, shows the car resting at a gas station in Stewartville, MN.

Third shows the car sitting at the new home as I was pulling away.
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