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Some guy - Jan 20, 2012

I was wet sanding and getting ready to wheel my car when this guy came by and asked me if he could look at my car we chatted for a while and found out we were neighbors. He was a painter for a trucking outfit and volunteered to help me just for some pictures of him working on the the car! I said "kool man" I cant remember this mans name its been many years. The first pic is the wet sanding. Did that by myself. The second & 3rd are this stranger helping me (he was good too)!! Well we finished I told him to get his wife and kids and come back and Id take pictures of them by the car! I washed & waxed the car, and he showed up with his family a few days later on a Saturday morning it was his first day off ! The last picture is when I threw him the keys & told him to have it back the next day! He was the happiest man I ever saw! And we became very good friends!!
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