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Steering Stuff - Oct 28, 2010

Ok I have the column and steering shaft in as a dry fit. I still have some wiggle room , but not much. I met a guy who may have a set of headers for me. I'm very grateful at my good fortune. Tomorrow I'm gonna try out a Tranny mount that Foose Alvarez made for me and will post a pic when I get that bad boy mounted. This was a good day. No rain, and some wrenching AND a nap to boot. BTW the column is a Summit Racing special, it was almost half the price as the IDIDIT or Flaming River. Its black steel, which is just fine for me. Its a tilt and is already wired and ready to go. Now i gotta pick out a steering wheel, man Grant has a ton of them but I think I'm gonna just get a 3 spoke 60's type like I had on the car before and as a matter of fact if I can clean up my old one I'll reuse it.
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