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Still Alive! - Jun 6, 2008

So, its been awhile since my last update, but things have been going fairly smoothly...

As I was preparing to install the carb, I noticed that I was missing a linkage rod, and later discovered I was missing a spring as well. Congratulations to me, I think thats my first Craigslist burn. Live and learn, at $100+ loss to me (with the rebuild kit.)

Did manage to install it with no major issues (after many tests...). Went ahead and bought new valve covers to go with the new manifold. Wasn't planning on it, but they were there; taunting me...

I messed up reinstalling the distributor, so I had to run through all the fun of finding TDC, and setting the timing, I still have to fine tune that.

Shimmed it, but it looks like its too far forward, still have problems with the belt slipping if I rev too high in park or neutral. Have yet to run the engine high enough to slip in drive. The belt is worn, and that might be the problem right there, still I feel like I should revisit the issue (I'm chalking up a lot of these, aren't I?). At least I know the issue is there, I'm carrying the wrench I need to fix it should I have problems.

Hester Core
Yeah, thats right: heater core. In checking and testing with the new manifold, I ran into overheating problems caused by hemmoraging coolant leaks. At first I thought it was my connection to the heater; wrong. The funny anti-freeze like smell that found it way into the passenger compartment, was the accompiniment to the puddle of antifreeze on the floor. Groovy. I've heard that second gen F-body's are pure bliss to do heater work. I'd believe it, because I don't even see half of the bolts I need to take out.

AC Delco High School Nationals
Didn't make it with the Firebird, so I took my S-10 instead. Entirely stock, save the cap, my best 1/4 mile time way 16.525 in the morning, the rest of the afternoon it ran 16.6~. I practiced on my friends practice tree an had a few perfect RTs. Best actual (track) RT was .200. Made it to the third round where I lost to the defending champion, his RT that run was .008...
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