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The build starts - Dec 31, 2005

A lot of things changed over the 12 years since I bought the car. I decided that the car would be a lot more fun as a driver, and I had picked up a 1956 354 Hemi and a few speed parts. A friend who ran a machine shop and I also build a 4 speed bellhousing adaptor that would allow me to mate a later model Chrysler 833 4 speed to the engine. In 2004 I realised that I only had 3 years left to get the car built if I was going to drive it to Tulsa OK in 2007 when they dig up the buried 1957 Plymouth

The Plymouth sees the light of day again, with the first thing on the agenda being the the removal of the blown 6 cyl and fitting the HEMI, 833 (Overdrive) 4 speed, and a Chrysler 9 1/4 rear end (4.10 gears) into the car.
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