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The smog prerformance story - Feb 14, 2011

The winter of 2008 i spotted a Chevy nova for sale in Sweden on a site called blocket i caled theguy and had him to send me some pictures on email and the price was OK så i drove 450km south from Esse were i live to Turku and got me a Boat ticket to stockholm. thechevy owner came to meet me at the Stockholm harbor. and i was cinda surprised the car looked allot better in real life.. so we drove it around Stockholm fore a while and then it was decided i bought the car..

the 2008 winter i got the bracket master cam & the converter and the PP crosswind intake manifold.

the 2009 spring idecided to try out some bracket racing
i singed up to the west coast street cup i missed the first race..The cops had my driverslicens @the time but the following 3 races i had my licensback i placed the first i raced i came3 the second 2 and the last race i won that gave points to a total 3place in the cup.

the 2010 West Coast Street Cup

Qualified first @ every race but i won only one.Finished 2 in the cup
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