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traditional led sled or hi tech concept? - Dec 2, 2005

It's been a tough week this week. I've been working hard (real paying work) so I haven't had too much time to put into the car. It also seems that because of financial pressure I may have to postpone the actual construction work on the car planned for December.

I have been turning my attention to the exterior styling of the car. I've drawn up some sketches and line drawings.

First off, the side view profile drawings.

In the first drawing, I used a single curved trim line to cut the front wheel openings and then curve down as shown. Then I went a step further by creating a recessed area in the door below this line and two pass-through air ducts in the front fender. I like this a lot, but you can see in the second version, I brought the line further down cutting the front wheel opening lower, and also just made one air duct in the fender rather than two.

You may also notice I was playing around with the trim on the rear quarter panel. The two tone insert on the quarter is a major part of the original Bel Air styling in '54 so I didn't want to get rid of it completely, instead I have suggested it by only using a upper defining line of trim.

The last thing you might notice is the lack of rear wheel openings. I saw this on a '50 Ford in a magazine so I thought I'd see what it looked like here. Not so sure about it, plus it's not so practical, can you imagine having to drop the entire rear axle just to change a tire? That would get old real quick.

Oh, I also laid back the windshield angle a bit, and added some more modern pod type mirrors. Not so sure about this either, I was just playing.
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