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transmission location - Sep 27, 2007

In this picture you can see the TH350 located between the rails of the cradle from Art Morrison. Even though the Morris is a short wheelbase car, the trans does not intrude too badly into the passenger compartment. The TH350 couples to the Buick 215 with a Kennedy Eng adaptor from CA. This adaptor does a powerglide, a TH350 and a TH400. You send the stock auto flywheel from the Buick back to Kennedy and they redrill it for the late GM converter and return it in your kit. I thought the kit was of good quality and did fit fine.
The frame rails you see are close to the original unibody rails in the Morris, allowing you to use them as a template when installing the Morrison front end to keep everything square and parallel. As I said before, while I was installing the front end, a acquaintance showed up and asked if I wanted some more box tubing. Well I always stockpiled steel so I said sure. Turns out they were a pair of Chris Alston '57 rear rails, still banded together and slightly rusty. Someone had left them at this guys house and he just wanted to get rid of them. The arch in the rails was pretty darn close to the arch in the floor of the Morris, uncanny really.
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