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Under Dash - Jun 19, 2008

Man, i hate this. Too old and fat to get much done under the dash. And what little i did was in vain.

Got the clutch cylinder and pedal mounted, and the line i got was too short. Then the master cylinder seems to be dried out and not pumping. No joy. I'll try one more time before i buy another one. I just occurs to me that i am not totally sure the line is not blocked.

Then i tried to make a brace for the steering wheel and clutch pedal mount, but made it wrong. First try, no real harm done.

And found that the throttle cable i got was too too long, but that looks like it might work.

On the Ratster decided to go with an electric fan, they are cheap enough, and will make another grill shell. The other one is just too ugly.

And i ordered new black steel wheels, 10 x15 in back 6 x15 in front.

I wonder what it feels like to know what you are doing, and to make something right the first time.

I suspect i will never know.
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