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Under dash work - Mar 22, 2013

I have been working on the inside of the 48 Chevy SD. I took the dash out and temporarily installed the Vintage Air Generation II Super Cooler evaporator with heater and defrost so that I could determine where my bulkheads would be located on the firewall for the AC and heater hoses. This is a neat installation. Once I figured that out, I took the evaporator back out and installed the B-Quiet sound and heat insulation. I also figured out the location of the Painless Wiring fuse block and routed the engine compartment wiring out the driver side kick panel to keep the engine bay a little cleaner looking. The wires will run along the fender liner in a black wire wrap.

I determined that my SPW windshield wiper motor would be mounted high on the passenger side kick panel. I have to use the stock defroster vents because the plastic vents that came with the evaporator are too big to allow the wiper transmissions to fit in the dash.

I used 1/4 inch carriage bolts to mount the evaporator and fuse block to the firewall. I painted the heads gloss black to match the firewall and "squared up" the holes to have the bolt head fit flush with the firewall. This made a nice clean installation and the firewall still looks uncluttered. After I got the stuff figured out, I cut the firewall sound insulation pad and installed it using a couple more of the carriage bolts and fender washers to anchor the mat, which is pretty heavy. Now I will get stuff mounted permanently to the inside of the firewall and start installing wiring in earnest.
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