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V W Street rod - Jan 4, 2012

Well after two years of storage issues I finally have everything in one place and all my tools available. I have changed plans a little in the front suspension area. I didn't like looks of the front steer Mustang II setup I had and am now going to use an early nova (disc brake,rear steer spindle) setup I picked up at a swap meet for $50.00 (new rotors,calipers and spindles and hoses inc.) with a rack & Pinion from a Geo metro ($10.00 with new outer rod ends). I salvaged a steering column from a 86 Fiero with tilt wheel, Keys and all the switches and wiring for the wiper, dimmer and turn signal for $20.00. I did sell the M II parts for $150 so I'm ahead of the game. For upper control arms I'll be ordering tubular stock car parts from Speedway. I've been following a couple of S-10 builds that have used them with good success.For the lowers I will be fabricating my own as I want to use a transverse leaf spring. I photo shopped some of my projected body mods. As this will be a front engined v8 rear wheel drive set up the wheel base is not set as of yet. I'll be laying things out on the shop floor soon to make some preliminary measurements
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