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Wood framing rehab - Feb 2, 2011

While I am waiting for my front crossmember to arrive from Chassis Engineering I decided to tackle the wood framing. The rear part of the 48 had wood framing on the side panels and the rear door frame was all wood. It was a complicated framing job by the Chevy craftsmen back then. The pieces are curved and the rear door frame has hinges and latches mortised out.

I had to make one short piece from ash to replace the passenger side wheel well frame as seen in the photo below. The two side frames are OK. I primed them with white primer to clean them up.

The inside of the rear area was covered with a panel that was screwed to the wood framing. Once I get my insulation/sound deadener I will remove the framing and install the insulation prior to installing the wood framing for good.
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