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      i was using a chop saw from HF for a while, was messy, loud, and sparky :cool: . Bought a band saw from a guy off craigslist for 50 bucks similar looking to this one a little more beef and was made a few years ago, but they look the same and i love it. I prefer this thing over the chop saw. I don't know what blade came with it but I know it cuts paper thin and can cut paper thin slices. I made shims that were thinner or as thin as the blade with hardly any burrs. I have cut thru 3/16"x 4" wide hardened steel and 1" sch 40 pipe like butter using its own weight. i have not used the chopper since i got this thing. But that chop saw is looking mighty fine though :D
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      Hey ogre,
      ogre said:
      as in most tool purchases, bigger is better. you will soon find the limitations of a 20'' bed, probably on your first attempt to use it. a 20'' lathe is measure sans chuck, with a chuck your down to 16''. 14x40 would be ideal, though you will find limitations on that too.
      Glad you brought up the size being affected by the chuck. For those of use who have not done any metal work or used a lathe, would you or any other members be able to give us an idea of what common parts can or can't be made due to size limitations? I think that would help us newbies get a better perspective of not just limitations, but why the larger one is ideal.

      ogre said:
      another thought is tooling. without tooling you can't do jack with a lathe. 3 jaw & 4 jaw chucks, centers, tool holders and cutters; all cost a proverbial arm and a leg.
      If and when I decide to invest in a lathe, I will be on the look out for one that comes with the tooling. Used ones listed for sale sometimes include the accessories.

      ogre said:
      if your looking at a $1500 budget, buy a welder, drill press and bandsaw first. you can't get enough lathe for that price.
      That's a very interesting way of putting it. Not to go off topic, but I did see a metal-cutting bandsaw at Harbor Freight this past weekend. Never really thought about what I could use it for but now that you have mentioned it, I'll start researching that as well. The drill press is something that has been in the back of my mind for a while, but never got serious about it. I did score the cheapo Habor Freight flux wire welder and a stick welder for $20 each from a friend so I could at least start learning how to do welds. Hopefully a Lincoln in the future.

      Thanks! :thumbup:
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