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      I wouldn't have sandpapered the inside of rod bushings, this is an area where a little too tight isn't as bad as too loose. Plus you need to be more than matiulous in cleaning sanding residue any left imbedded in the bushing will continue to sand the part.

      Frankly I haven't found Plastigauge to be all that off as many others report. It's just part of my routine to get several checks on bearing clearances so I use it along with mics to get a handle on these critical clearances. Since your numbers are almost exactly .001 tight I'd first look to the bearings to see if they are a plus .001 set before I go and grind or polish on the crankshaft. Bearing packages can usually be had in standard or .001 over and .001 under for a proper fit without regrinding the crank. There are also oversizes for .010, .020. .030 or more undersized jounals so don't get these things confused. .001 over are often sold from parts stores for worn cranks.

      It sounds like you need to put some money into at least an inexpensive set of micrometes from Harbor Freight. That way you can take some measures without guessing.

      A set of telescopes Telescoping Gauge Set 6 Pc

      A set of outside thimbles from 1 to 3 inch in 1 inch increments is a minimum 3 Piece Micrometer Set

      A dial indicator magnetic base Multipositional Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment

      A dial indicator 1" Travel Machinist's Dial Indicator

      Or you can go to Granger and or MSC and shop around for similar items. These imports won't hold up in a production shop but they are plenty sufficient for the occasional engine builder. They read with marks to the .001 you can estimate the .0011 to .0019 range.

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      Eyeball checks of the driveshaft are no where near good enough....if you guys are serious about racing you need to have a magnetic base and dial indicator and check things out.

      I'm dead serious.

      There are literally dozens of things on a racecar you need a dial indicator to do, and no serious gear head should be without one. You can get a magnetic base and a 1" travel .001" increment dial indicator for less than $25 from Harbor Freight when you combine it with their typical 15-20% off coupon.
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