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      do you have a remote starter button... so you can hook from the top post on the starter solenoid to the S terminal at 3 o clock.. with the battery hooked up... will the starter crank the engine.. or 12 Volt Remote Starter Switch

      lets see if the starter works directly..

      smoke from the starter area is usually the fusible links burning.. or the starter failing..
      yeah i might have one lying around. Thanks for the advice, ill be trying them today.
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      Here you go... my fuse panel is under the dash so I hooked up a jumper cable to the battery and ran that into the cab and attached one test lead to the other end of the jumper cable.

      engine off 12.79 post to post

      1. 14.16
      2. .01
      3. .01-.03
      4. 0.0-0.01
      5. 0.09-0.24
      6. 0.7-0.9 mostly 0.7

      Number 5 I tested every single fuse on the fuse panel.

      I also did the #5 test to the ignition wire going to the s solenoid but theres a spot under the dash where i can test it before it goes to the switch, got 13.79 there with the motor running.

      When I first went to start it all I got was that one solid click (not a weak click), I jacked it up, turned the starter gear with my finger probably 1/16" and it fired up like a brand new car, good cranking speed and sounded perfect. It will continue to start like that a few times and then just that one solid click again when the teeth dont mesh

      testing the wiring to the starter solenoid is done while cranking.. its really hard to see it.. you may have to disable the ignition system..

      i wonder if the 0.24 volt was to a single fuse that fed the lamps for the instrument cluster..

      what happens when you test directly at the starter with a remote starter button test set... or build your own.. out of one of these..


      this is just a pair of test clips to test the starter battery cable wiring. this is what you will be building if you don't have one..

      12 Volt Remote Starter Switch

      you need to see if the wiring to the starter from the positive and negative battery are causing the failure to engage issue.. you may have to go back and REREAD my previous post.. i edited a little after i posted the first time..

      the other numbers look good..
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