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      Hi Everyone,

      I would like to mount a winch in my garage to allow me to move non running cars in and out of my garage. My garage is level, but the driveway is a 10% grade downhill. Pushing a fully assembled hot rod/ Muscle car that is not running back up the hill is impossible for just me.

      My thought was to mount a winch either in the floor at the back of the garage or on the wall down low. Both the floor and walls of my garage or poured concrete (at least 4" thick re-bar reinforced as per code), the garage wall is 6 feet underground.

      I was thinking something like this would work

      120V AC Electric Winch w/ Remote Control

      As all cars will be able to roll freely, I think this could easily winch a 1964 Impala up the hill as all it has to overcome is the rolling resistance.

      I am not sure where or how to mount this winch, on the floor or wall, and do I use concrete lag bolts? How far should the go in the concrete?

      Your ideas are appreciated!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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