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      Here is a couple of seven quart oil pans from Moroso. With these oil pans you won't have to worry about your level. I purchased this Moroso 7 qt. pan for my 67 Camaro with a 454 engine. I don't have any complaints with it. But if I was buying it again I would get the 20401 model. In my opinion I didn't need the windage tray, I had to test fit the pan to get the crank weights from hitting on the windage tray. It is made of wire screen and has nuts welded to the inside of the pan and screws and washers hold it in place. I used a rubber mallet to beat it down until it didn't scrap anymore. This 6 qt. pan will fit too but it is still 8" deep so you don't gain any space. Now if you just want the cheapest 5 qt. stock pan
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      What about a pan like this, to preserve ground clearance? Increased baffling forward and rear, plus it has a crank scraper and windage tray.

      Pan you linked just has a stock forward baffle.

      You know you need big Block frame stands to do this swap right, correct??
      That pan is wide, and there maybe oil filter, starter, and header fitment problems.

      No, I didnt know I needed big block frame stands. I dont really know what those are. Do the motor mounts sit on them?
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