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      Could you please double check that part number? I found the first two numbers but I can't find this one anywhere.

      Any thoughts on this regulator? This one is said to drop the pressure all in one unit.

      Sniper regulator is right on Holley's web site, listed as in stock...
      Sniper 80000103 4.5-9 PSI Fuel Pressure Regulator - Carbureted (

      Earl's #12803ERL, Quick Fuel #30-803QFT, and Holley #12-803 are all the same regulator with the exception the Holley is chrome plated and $15 more expensive.

      The Mallory regulator you linked will also work, it's just rather expensive......the two regulator deal I outlined was just the most budget way to deal with it.
      You can take your pick though, it's all good :cool:

      One thing to remember that has to be done....the bypass line needs to be the same size(or bigger) as the feed line. It cannot be a smaller line.
      The regulator has to be able to bypass every bit of fuel, such as at idle, or the regulator will become choked and no longer hold the set pressure, it will rise.
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