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      To 4JawChuck:

      Let me start by agreeing that a 3310 would be a better choice than what he's got. Center-hung float bowls with externally adjustable needle and seat would make a 3310 "worth the price of admission" alone.

      I do realize that there are several versions of a 3310 carb out there, but the current retail versions are a 0-3310C (dichromate finish) or a 0-3310S (shiny finish)
      Both are "4160 SERIES" carbs and neither of them appear to be equipped with a 50cc accelerator pump. I bought a 3310S (3310-10) for my 454, and it only has a 30cc pump on it.

      A 3310 is a 4160 series carb that uses a #21 (equiv to 75 jet) metering plate.
      A 4150 seies uses a metering block with screw-in jets.

      If these items (50cc pump and 4150 metering block conversion) are desired, you can buy them seperately.

      20-11 - 50cc Accelerator Pump Conversion kit - $48.34
      34-13 - 4160 to 4150 Conversion Kit - $46.14
      20-59 - Quickchange Vacuum Secondary Housing Cover - $17.55
      20-13 - Secondary Diaphragm Spring Kit - $13.15

      One alternative is to buy the
      0-80770 - Street Avenger carb - $439.94
      which includes most of the above. (Not sure about the accelerator pump ... looks like the standard 30cc?)
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