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      A thing that most people don't think of is that old paints and even newer automotive paints have lead in them. Add a respirator to your safety items.

      A chart by the tool box showing metric and standard sizes is always a good teaching tool. If you need a 1/2 wrench then tell her you need a larger one kind of deal.

      I use this mini 4" sliding caliper when working with a helper to have them give me proper wrenches/sockets.

      Any kind of body work should be ok to do. Show her how to use an impact so she does not have it whip around. Maybe start off with a hand drill style electric one.
      A DA is something she can use easily enough as long as she keeps her fingers away from the rotating weight. If she struggles let her use a buffer first.

      I would break off some bolts and show her how to use a tap.

      Have her on the bleeder side of the break lines closing the line with you at the pedal. Have her help you bench bleed a master.

      Big thing is that you don't push. If you notice she is becoming aggravated or see she wants to do something else ask her if she wants to take a break or move onto something that she picks.
      Treat her like a buddy helping not a worker. Everyone has that buddy who spends the majority of time hanging out while helping. When you need help from that one person like 4 guys lifting a pickup bed they are there.
      If she keeps bringing you the wrong stuff that is learning. Take it in stride and take it slow.

      I would not hesitate to hand a 6 year old a TBI throttle body to dismantle. Just make sure you watch them with the spring and they don't strip any of the bolts. But the rest is just bolting things, cleaning, and such.

      A blast cabinet (with gloves) is something she could do cleaning parts standing on a stable footing. Worst thing she removes to much or falls off the footing.

      I have this which I got used at an auction for like $10. It works good for letting your helper move it around, lock the wheels, and have a step to move them a foot or so off the ground. Much better then a bucket or tiny step.
      If you wrap the sides of the tube and the side of the working surface with some foam. It will allow them to hit your fenders/etc and not cause issues and if on the working surface edge also lets them know when they are on the edge.
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      I made it. You can buy similar things. But I really was not impressed with most of those designs.

      If your garage has a strong enough beam a chain hoist makes putting engines on engine stands much easier.

      I have set engine stand legs like the ones linked below on top of a engine stand cart linked below.

      This does work to adjust the height of a engine easy and get the thing onto a stand with most legs. But it is a smaller engine thing as your talking about 500lbs so you could potentially tip the engine.

      They do make a 1000lb one. But I have no experience with it. Measure your spacing on your legs to make sure it will work. But it could be an option.
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