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      Thanks Boogie, I'll have to decipher most of what you said. Sorry, I come from the world of sport bikes and tuners where I can hook up a laptop to my ECU and adjust from there. I'm fairly new to carbs and all this old school stuff so everything I have to learn.

      I checked the list number on the carb, 4776-2 which pulls up this.

      I bought a vacuum gauge and followed the video on holley's website on how to set vacuum on the carb. Everything seems to be good for that part. I won't worry about vacuum advance for now but I did hook it up and did a test drive. Cruised great. I will disconnect for now.

      Here are pics of what I have going on. The carb was rebuilt by a fuel specialist shop in Gilbert, Az. They rebuilt the carb on my 71 Firebird and it runs great so I trust the work they do.

      As for it sitting, yes, 16 years. Maybe fired up 3-4 times in those 16 years. The engine just sounds 'grumbly' for the most part. Cruising sounds pretty good but still seems to 'grumble' a bit.




      Again, thank you everyone who is helping me figure this out. I know I'm asking newb questions and should have a better understanding of all this. Unfortunately the man who would of taught me isn't with us anymore an I don't know many people that work on old cars like this. Most of my friends are IT specialists and coders, and not very handy when it comes to cars.
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