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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    I am in the market for a fiberglass 32 roadster body. I know Wescott builds a very nice one but is very pricey! Any suggestions? I would like to put my hands on it and take it home. I am afraid to have one shipped to me. What if it is poor quality when it arrives? This will be a big...
  2. '32 Ford Roadster

    350 Chevy Dual Quads
  3. 04_'32 Ford Roadster

    Just completed the top.
  4. 03_'32 Ford Chassie

    Chassie is complete, next is tear down for paint.
  5. 05_2011 Louiville

    Street Rod Nationals
  6. 07_'32 Ford Roadster

    Close to being finished
  7. 02_'32 Ford Chassie Build

    Checking the body and rear end demensions
  8. 01_'32 Ford Chassie Build

    Setting up '32 chassie in the Table Jig
  9. 06_'32 Ford Interior

    Just got back from interior shop.
1-9 of 9 Results