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1940 ford pickup flathead hotrod

  1. Wedding


    Getaway pic from my son's wedding. My new daughter-in-law requested the truck! Man I love that girl!
  2. Tonneau


    Embroidered Ford oval near front. Color matches interior.
  3. Pipes and tonneau

    Pipes and tonneau

  4. Drivers side interior

    Drivers side interior

    12-volt converted stock instruments. Full upholstery (tweed color-coordinated with exterior)
  5. Oak bed

    Oak bed

    One piece, hidden fasteners, inlaid stainless steel strips.
  6. Mill!


    Full dress 48 Merc!
  7. Drivers side front quarter

    Drivers side front quarter

  8. Pipes!


    Custom mandrel-bent aluminized steel alloy.