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  1. 1948 Olds custom rod sedan

    This is a good rear view of my '48 Olds. It has been shaved and decked with 1950 Mercury bumpers, 1948 Chevy LED taillights. It has the original suspension in front with a 1986 Chevy 12-Bolt rear grafted to the original torsion arm suspension in back.
  2. 1948 Olds custom rod sedan

    My 1948 Olds, 2-dr., Dynamic Club Sedan, Model 66, with 1986 Chevy truck power train, power steering, Vintage air.
  3. '48 Olds rear upholstery

    Upholstery completely redone in Dec. of '09, finishing my project, although I'm never finished.
1-3 of 3 Results