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  1. PHAT51 & the Phat Boy!

    I sold two MGs to make way for this truck. Something about having a piece of history and I just LOVE the way the flatmotor sounds! I'm looking forward to a Phat and Phlat driver - lotsa work to get there.
  2. PHAT51 Comes Home

    The former owner called it the Silver Streak and owned it for 20 years. I'm the third owner. I've found a tailgate - the plywood has to go!
  3. PHAT51 Comes Home

    Dash is un-cut. Some damage to cab corner and seat is trashed but overall a good start for a hot rod truck.
  4. PHAT51 Comes Home

    This truck had rust in many of the usual places but overall was in good shape - doors don't sag at all and the floors are almost rust free - I drove it home!
  5. Flathead V-8!

    When I heard the motor I had to have this truck.
  6. PHAT51 Comes Home

    A face only a gearhead could love!
  7. PHAT51

    This is the way I found my project truck the day I drove it home.
1-7 of 7 Results