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  1. Exhaust recommendation for 454 BBC?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Im currently running open longtube headers. I've got a big lumpy cam and its earth shakingly loud, too the point where im setting off car alarms when I drive by some high-end vehicles. I'd like it to be a little quieter while still sounding throaty and testosterone filled. I don't mind the loud...
  2. 1965 El Camino, which chunk for 9inch?

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hello, My cars currently situated with a one tire fire, which just ain't cutting it since i've dropped in a 454 with a few upgrades. The one legger was bearable when I had a 327, I would just throw some sandbags in the bed and I was good to go. Now not so much. With the help of big gear head I...
  3. El camino with 55 chevy dash

    I've got a 1965 el camino someone welded the dash from a 1955 in before I bought it for 25 $100 bills, it looked so good being a silly kid I figured thats just how it came from the factory until I saw another just like it, and they were like, woah man! So its a black metal that wraps around the...
  4. 1965 Elco big block swap

    Hotrodding Basics
    I bought an old el camino when I was 19 a few years back that had been modified with a hurst ratcher shifter and a built 327 from the factory 3 on the tree 6 cyl. Its a rad car one of the owners before me even welded in a 55 chevy dash:thumbup: I would like to know if anyone here has...
  5. fit a t-56 in 1965 c-10?

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hello everyone! I am trying to get some info on how difficult (and expensive) it would be to put a new transmission in a 1965 fleetside longbed. It currently has the stock 4 on the floor and I'd like to swap it out for something will let me go over 65 without redlining the motor. From the...
  6. 400ci rebuild, top end or crate

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, but I have done quite a bit of searching around and can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. I've got a 1965 C-10 pickup fleetside longbed that my Dad, brother and I restored when I was about 12 years old. It had the original straight 6, but we...
  7. Newbie, well almost...

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi ya'll, I will be purchasing my first Rambler as soon as the title come back, hopefully within a couple of weeks. 1965 Rambler American 440H twin stick. I almost bought a 64 Ambassador as my first car in high school, but opted for the 74 Nova instead, good times... Anywho.. am starting the...
  8. Going faster

    Hotrodding Basics
    High everyone I have a 1965 rambler 440 with the egine a 6 cylinder 196c.i.,125 hp and 180 ft. Lbs. of torque and I'm wondering is there anything I can buy to make it go faster because I go 30 mph up a will maximum if you could help I would really appreciate it thanks.