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  1. 72 307 with 416 305 ho heads

    so I have a stock 307 from a 72 nova the only thing done is a better exhaust what do i need to get and do to the 307 to put the 416 heads on so that it will run right for the street?
  2. Chevy 283 with upgraded cam. Having problems

    First off, I have a 1959 Chevy 283 that was rebuilt stock last year. It was a 2 barrel engine. After the rebuild i put a weiand street warrior intake with a edelbrock 600 4 barrel, 262 Comp extreme energy cam. The problem is that it runs fine, starting, idling, but when you put in gear it drains...
  3. GM crate motor, or continue with my build?

    Hotrodding Basics
    So here I am, frustrated, still in the need of an engine, as usual lol. My original idea was to build up a new motor since my whole drive train and brake system is in pristine condition, rather than buying a used cheap car with 200,000+ miles and $4000 more in repairs alone, to get me to...
  4. 283 Sbc

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have just acquired a 283 sbc engine. question is what is the best route for it still runs good doesnt smoke. should i put it in a pontiac or put it in a 4x4. i would like to know a little more about this engine if anybody can else help id appreciate it THANKS