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  1. Engine
    Hello all, I want to stroke a 289 Studebaker motor if I can find info to do it. if not, new pistons is needed to raise CR, Stnd bore is 3.562'' or 90.5mm, stroke now is 3.625'', stnd. CR is 8.25. Performance cams not many if out there.. Its a solid type factory cam now with gear drive, yes gear...
  2. Engine
    I have a 67 Ford 289 with a mild cam and 1.72 lifters. Put an 83 4bbl intake on it with a mechanical dist (and petronix ignition) and a Edelbrock carb. Car was running rich and I decided it was from not getting it our and with the choke on it (short stops...move it..etc...). I put the new...
  3. Engine
    Hey I'm working on my buddy's Ford 289 and it makes a horrible clanking noise at idle. Once it gets up to about 2000 rpm it goes away but it sound like s**t at idle. This condition does not change when it warms up either. Is it possible that the valve is hitting the piston or do you guys...
1-3 of 3 Results