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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    Hi All, My 1994 Chevy 1500 failed the California smog test, and I was wondering if the knowledgeable folks here could shed a little more light on what to do based on the results. The truck is a 350 TBI with auto transmission. The truck got a full tune up about two years ago and it passed...
  2. Engine
    I've recently acquired a 1984 Camaro with a 350 (Not the original 305) and a t-5 transmission. I have not disassembled the engine yet, nor do I have the casting numbers, yet. I believe it is a 4 bolt main and originated from a mid 70's truck. I have built multiple engines before, but never a...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Good day all, First time user to the Hot Rodder forum. My son and I are starting to restore my 1972 C20 w/ 89,000 miles 350 / 4 Bolt mains. I originally bought it from my uncle in Texas in 1977 and added a cab over camper once I got it back to California and have kept it ever since. About 25...
  4. Engine
    I have replaced the original engine of a 1955 Pontiac with a 350 Chevy engine. I am having a hard time finding exhaust manifolds to fit in it right. Anyone have any suggestions? Drivers side needs to dump out towards the rear.
1-4 of 5 Results